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Individually Controlled Tensioner type Model-PT

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Revolving Type (PT - R)

  • Draw-off inward type system.
  • Cone holders are mounted on both sides of each revolving modular frame.
  • New set of cone feeding is very easy and convenient from outside.
  • Recreeling is possible during warping operation, there by improving over all machine usage time
  • Very quick positioning of new cones.
  • Central corridor facility. It is easy to access yarn breaks on both sides and quicker to attend.
  • Dose not require any extra space on floor for next set of yam package.

Trolley Type (PT - T)

  • Draw-off outward type system
  • Sturdy robust structure
  • Trolleys are equipped with ball bearing mounted wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Easy exchange of trolleys
  • Short lot change period while using extra set of trolleys

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