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Superlative Sampling Solutions
Sizing Winder

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Single End Sizing Winder

  • Each module of 4 spindle having individual motor drive.
  • Speed: 45mtr./min. to 350 mtr./min through A. C. variable speed drive.
  • Yarn breakage is detected by non contact type sensor.
  • Sized yarn gets dried on teflon coated double reel without shrinkage.
  • Steam or Electrically operated heating system by automatic temperature control through temperature sensors.
  • Two step roller system. Sponge roller assures stabilized starch permeation into yarn. Squeeze roller enables deep permeation to yarn.
  • Cradle type cheese winder suitable for max. dia. of 250 mm. and maximum traverse of 150 mm.
  • Sizing liquid circulation system through A.C. gear motor.
  • Suitable for yarn count up to NelOO's.