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Optimal warping performance Centrally Controlled Tensioner
Creel CK

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Creel CK

Model CK-R (Revolving Type) & Model CK-T (Trolley Type)

  • Centrally controlled tensioner for setting desired tension.
  • Main frame consists of strong base structure, having tubular supports.
  • Movable tensioner frame on each side facilitate to adjust optimum ballooning distance between package and tensioner.
  • Wider width travel of frames facilitate in rethreading the new set easily by going in-between the tensioner frame and package holders.
  • Tensioner device is specially designed for low tension range. It has radially located pair of coated tensioner discs, which rotates over ceramic supports.
  • The tensioner device is equipped with balloon breaker at the yarn entry from package and horse type self threading yarn guide at outlet to facilitate threading of yarn smoothly and conveniently.

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