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Unmatched Precision - Uniform Tension
Creel CB/CFD

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Creel CB/CFD

A perfect warp can only be produced when the tension of each end is constant irrespective of warping speed, package diameter or type of yarn.

We offer highly sophisticated warp creel which is a technological innovation to meet highest standard for preparing PERFECT BEAM which in turn helps improve your weaving efficiency.

Creel CB

  • The threads are drawn through the slim tensioner profiles made from galvanized steel for durability and smooth finish.
  • The yarn from package is drawn out through two pairs of discs and three guide eyelets arranged in a straight line for extremely easy and simple threading of the yarn by a hook.
  • Tension is activated by high precision dual acting stainless steel spring element.
  • This positive tensioning device ensures precise and uniform tension control.
  • Motorised centrally controlled tensioners to get equal tension at both sides of the creel. We provide separate PLC on creel, which will interface with main PLC under close loop controls. (Standard with Lasertronic Model)
  • Continuous rotating tensioner by central drive to minimise any fluff accumulation in sideways and ensures uniform tension.

Creel CFD

  • Sturdy and modular construction having strong base with tubular supports
  • Self compensating tensioner ensures equal yarn tension irrespective of size of package diameter.
  • The spring element installed in a special oil bath which dampens the surge while drawing yarn.
  • Very precise tension regulation at different speed and at any winding density.
  • At the entry, big disc controls the ballooning of the yarn.
  • Each vertical row of tensioners are centerally adjusted.
  • The movable tensioner frames facilitate, to adjust optimum ballooning distance between package and tensioner.
  • The scale is provided over the hand wheel for equal adjustment on both the sides of creel.
  • Suspended tensioner frames allows to clean the floor space conveniently.
  • Both the side of creel tensioners are adjusted centrally with a push buttons by a Servo Motor for precise setting of equal tension. (Standard with Lasertronic Model)

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