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Leading the way in warp preparation

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Salient Features

  • Stationary and magazine creel with modular design for varied product mix.
  • Efficient braking system for each beam.
  • Precise unwinding device for sectional warper beams.
  • Stretch control for feed and sizing section by multi section servo drive control system.
  • Anti deflection squeeze rollers
  • Very easy to attend yarn sheet from every angle. In vertical size box
  • Pre dryer and final dryers can be arranged vertically or horizontally as per the requirement.
  • 3 pair of high-tech moisture sensors provided.
  • Constant winding tension and uniform tension across the width.
  • Easy and safe donning and doffing through geared motor mechanism.
  • Uniform & Optimal sizing with Reduced hairiness
  • Higher abrasion resistance and Improved weavability
  • Low elongation and Incresed tensile strength of yarn
  • Automatic monitoring of all parameters
  • Comprehensive production data management
  • User friendly operations
Head Stock Width : 1800 mm - 4000 mm
Flange Dia : 800 - 1250mm
Speed : up to 150 m/min