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The Pioneer announces Asia's First Sectional Warper for Technical Textile

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Salient Features

  • Extremely robust machine design
  • Innovative drum construction to withstand high crushing force
  • Direct drive on both sides of drum to achieve optimum transmission efficiency and to generate higher beaming tension
  • Flexibility to operate machine under lower tension also.
  • Specially designed beam support arbors for the stability of structure.
  • Double brake disc for higher beaming tension.
  • Extremely sturdy feed unit for higher section tension from "Extra tension unit"
  • In between creel & warping machine
  • Remote Diagnosis - online support from our Service head Office
Working Width : 2200 - 4200 mm
Cone Angle : 7° - 8.5°
Max. Beam Flange Diameter : 1250 mm
Drum Circumference : 3140 mm
Warping Speed : 500 m/min
Beaming Speed : 60 m/min
Beaming Tension : Up to 60,000 N
Drive : AC Servo Drive / Asynchronous Servo Motor
PLC Based control :  
Braking system : Air cooled - Hydraulic disc braking system
Applicable yarns : Spun and Filament Yarn from all types of technical fibres say Polyester Mono filament / Multi filament / Nylon / Carbon Fibre / Glass fibre / Kevlar etc.