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Creating the Tradition in Indigo
Long Chain Beamer

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Long Chain Beamer

  • Low profile height allows easier access to the comb and provides improved observation.
  • Fabricated side cabinets with sealed doors provide a lint free ventilated environment for electronics.
  • Functional operator controls grouped in one control panel improves operator performance.
  • Equipped with frequency controlled AC drive designed for a gear-in speed of 500mpm.
  • Direct beam drive from motor to the drive spindle by means of a poly-V belt
  • Movable foot operated START/STOP switch located along the front of the beamer for operator convenience.
  • Three quick-acting pneumatic brakes are provided to prevent broken ends from being wound into the warp beam.
  • Each brake is individually set and controlled for precise adjustment and synchronization.
  • Loading/Unloading of the beam is accomplished by simple operator control which extends and retracts the tail-stock bearing support.
  • Predetermined counter sets the yarn length for each beam and automatically activates an indicator light to signal the operator that a lease string is approaching.
  • Lease string detector automatically stops the machine before a lease string reaches the comb.
  • Comb mounted behind the carrier roll facilitates warp yarn adjustment from side to side and width adjustment.
  • Chromium-plated flattening bar is located behind the comb to support the yarn sheet at the desired height.