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Beam to Cone Winder

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Beam to Cone Winder

Salient Features

  • Ideal solution of preparing Cheese or Cone from Indigo Dyed Warp beam
  • Suitable for Knit or Shirting Denim Fabrics
  • Leasing zone with stop motion.
  • Rigid and heavy duty structure
  • Monitoring of beam unwinding and package winding
  • AC Servo motors ensuring uniform & regulated winding speed through out the process.
  • Servo System helps for precise synchronization
  • Waxing device is a standard feature ensuring even distribution of wax
  • 7" Touch Screen for monitoring the process and functionality of the machine with fault diagnosis.
Suitable yarn Count : Ne 6s to Ne 40s (14 to 98 Tex)
Working width of Warp beam : 1600mm Or 1800mm
Beam flange diameter of warp beam : 800 mm /1000 mm
Machine speed : 5~150 meters per min (adjustable)
Number of winding heads : 400-600 (According to customer requirement)
Tension : 30~50 cN/end
Package Size : Ø 220mm X 85mm