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Unrolling Creel

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Unrolling Creel

Poly propylene / HDPE tapes require unrolling of the packages. PWP unrolling creel structure consists of length wise base frame with heavy duty column to support Bobbin peg and tension / brake assembly.

Hard anodized aluminum package holder equipped with ball bearing on either side for smooth unwinding operation; as well as built in brake pulley with brake liner.

Creel Capacity:

Single or double tape execution
800 up to 6200 ends (higher on request)

Tension Assembly

Tension assembly ensures uniform tension on tape during the beaming operation in equilibrium with the spring setting. Tension variation can be off set by application / release of brake shoe on the drum.

Apart from individual tension adjustment on respective position, central adjustment by hand wheel per horizontal row is also available.

On a machine stop, pneumatic brake applies immediately to stop each package position.